Monthly Specials

All Specials: Lunch($7.95)/Dinner(10.50)

Monthly Special #1 MayCombo

Szechuan Vegetables, Sesame Chicken,B B Q Pork & Pork Fried Rice
Served with a cup of egg flower soup.  Hot & Sour soup $50.cents more
(Soup TO GO Request)

  1. Monthly Special #2  Black Pepper Tomato Beef Lo Mien

  A Northern Chinese Mainstay of Beef, onions,red and green peppers . Tomatos and soft pan-fried noodles.Server a cup of egg flower soup. Hot & sour soup $.50 cents more.

  1. (Soup TO GO Request !)

  2. WE Also Can make Gluten Free Dish Too . Call in Ask About it.